Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Real Score behind the So-called Earth4Energy Scam

Due to the onslaught of many rip-off deals online, it is quite understandable why many consumers became as skeptical as Socrates back in the day. Unlike the pre-Internet days when shady sellers could easily fool gullible people to swallow their products, consumers nowadays are much wiser. Thanks to the almighty power of the Internet, almost everything can be verified these days. Let us take the much talked about Earth4Energy Scam, for instance.

The Earth 4 Energy Scam issue exploded after the popularity of Earth 4 Energy surged. This promotes an alternative to mainstream power sources and it also claims to reduce your energy consumption costs to more than half of what you usually pay for. Because of this, many people expressed interest in the Earth4energy kit and other similar products. After the boost in popularity, the issue about the Earth4Energy scam appears on various social networking sites. According to the perpetrators of the Earth 4 Energy Scam campaign, the claims of Earth4Energy borders on the impossible. They even provided a whole set of critiques to disprove the product's authenticity in providing a cost-effective power alternative. The core of their Earth 4 Energy Scam campaign lies on this.

As rational human beings, we have the capability to rationalize things first and balance the pros and cons before rendering your judgment about their plausibility or non-plausibility. This article will give you the necessary facts so you can decide on whether the Earth4Energy Scam is true or not.

First, let us discuss the famous Earth 4 Energy kit windmill. According to the instigator of the Earth4Energy Scam issue, the claim on the reduction of energy bills down to 50% to 80% is questionable. The best answer to this, perhaps is, of course it depends on the particular situation. The capability of the windmill to reduce power consumption depends on the energy consumption of a household. If you are living in a huge mansion with lots of appliances that can compete with that of a home appliance depot, then the windmill is definitely insufficient for you. In fact, it is important to note that Earth 4 Energy's main market consists of lower to mid-income families with relatively smaller home energy requirements. The windmill's output is enough to generate power for a household with lower energy consumption costs. However, it would not hurt your budget to acquire another windmill if you wish to augment your alternative energy source. You can also make use of DIY solar panels in conjunction with your windmills. Compared to professionally installed panels, you can save up to $5,000 with earth energy solar panels. As a matter of fact, combining the effectiveness of solar panels and windmills is enough to attain 50% to 80% energy reduction claims.

Another claim of those people who instigate the Earth4Energy Scam is that Earth 4 Energy costs a lot without giving you real energy cost reductions. The energy reduction potential of Earth 4 Energy has been discussed earlier. However, reading an Earth4Energy review or two will help you in providing more information about the claim. The reviews are mostly written by the customers themselves. Now, going back to the cost issue, Earth4Energy kits are very easy to construct and install. Compared to professional solar or windmill panel construction services, an Earth 4Energy kit only costs 4200. Not a bad deal, considering that what you will construct will provide a long term energy generating source for your household. The decrease in the amount that you pay for your monthly energy bill is enough reason to get an Earth4Energy toolkit.

If these benefits are what characterize the Earth 4 Energy scam, as its perpetrators put it, then it is scam worth buying. However, the very opposite is true. There is no such thing as an Earth4Energy scam. This rather malicious rumor is just a ploy of giant corporate energy firms to slander a genuine, cheap, clean, and affordable energy source that is a huge threat to their existence in the long run.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Earth 4 Energy Review - Huge Scam?

Earth 4 Energy Review - Will you be able to make all those diy solar panels and wind turbines to power up your home? Well, one wrong move and everything can go haywire in your house!